Welcome to FCC

Seeking a church that believes God is about love, not judgment? Looking for a faith community that challenges your heart and your imagination? Looking for a church that reads the Bible faithfully but not literally? Seeking a faith family that truly celebrates people in all their God-given diversity? Join us at First Christian where we believe God welcomes all!

Adult Christian Education – Sundays 9:30 AM

Child/Youth/Adult faith formation – Thursdays 5:30-7 PM (Beg. Sept 26)

Worship 10:45 AM

927 Faraon, St. Joseph MO 64501     816-233-2556

Our church, located in downtown St. Joseph, is “open and affirming”…which is just a colorful way to say that we welcome all people in all their diversity with open arms and we love you as you are. In particular, “open and affirming” declares that we welcome all our neighbors in the LGBTQIA community fully and completely as children of God, but it also means we fully welcome Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Buddhists, immigrants, young people, seniors, seekers, doubters, people of all ethnicities and so on. We are a rainbow church, welcoming all of God’s diversity and centering ourselves in living out God’s love.

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