Feb 18   Youth Group Meetings

Feb 18  Start of new sermon series based on the text “The Last Week”

March 29   Ecumenical Holy Thursday service @ 1st Christian 7 pm

March 30   Ecumenical Good Friday service @ 1st Presbyterian @ 7 pm

April 1   Easter Sunday – Breakfast at 9:30 AM, Worship at 10:45 AM

April 3 Yoga Class (weekly) 6 PM

April 3  Volunteering at Open Door Food Kitchen 9:30 AM -1:00 PM

April 3  Coffee & Conversation Book Study – 9:00 AM @ Panera Bread restaurant

April 3  Women’s Group monthly meeting 6 pm

April 5  Choir rehearsal (weekly) 7 PM

April 15  Youth Group Meetings

April 17  Men’s Group @ Bandana’s restaurant 6:30 PM

April 8   AWEsome Sunday (Artful Worship Experience Sunday) 10:45 AM – Join us as we explore worship through create art together in community

April 8  All-church Baked Good Auction  Noon

April 24  F Troop Women’s Group (monthly) 7 PM

April 29   Worship Without Walls Sunday – Lend a hand as we worship by serving others out in the community. Worship begins in the sanctuary at 10:45 AM and then we will break into small teams to go and serve others as a sign of God’s love.

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