“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." - Pablo Picasso

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Why Give Online?

We rely on offerings to continue our work.
Our finance committee of church members manages a tight, lean budget.
It is 100% transparent and approved by all church members each year.
We try to do a lot with a little and respect the different ways people can give.
You can use the form below to make your offertory gift, or click “Give Online” above to give directly to our church or a specific ministry via the app, Tithly. You can also download this to your phone or set up monthly giving.

Give By Mail or In Person!

Yes, you may still give the old fashioned way! Checks may be mailed to 927 Faraon Street St. Joseph, MO 64501. We also have a moment for offertory in every worship service. You may drop a check or cash in there as well. We recognize there is something sacred about the ritual of bringing an offering during community gatherings. 

Give Socially!

We recognize that not everyone has the means to give financially, so yes, we value your time and talents just as much.We have ministries we serve at regularly and work that is time bound or as the need arises. Click on Ministry to channel your passion into our church, city, nation, and world!